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Stay Creative!

A nice poster I came across on Pinterest today. Pinterest is a great site where you can share and explore creative ideas…


Some amazing photographs by Stephen Wilkes, where after taking hundreds of shots he blends thirty to fifty parts, creating seamless, surrealist scenes of New York City life.


3D Music Poster

The latest project from Phil Clandilon and Steve Milbourne for the band Dry The River ;

Ben’s Seasonal Billboard…

is a digital ‘billboard’ set up by an illustrator called Ben, as a self promotional tool…and I found my way to it, so it’s worked :) Have a look at to see it in action, and also have a look at the rest of his work at

Wordmark It

This clever little website loads all of the typefaces from your computer and displays them in a grid. Just hit load, then type any word and browse away…handy!


Book cover, by Kate Gaughran

Professional book cover designer Kate designed this cover for her brother’s newest short story e-book, released this month on Amazon.