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3d renderings post

Over the past year we have completed a range of interior and exhibition projects. As part of the process, 3d renderings help to convey the concepts and sell the design to the client. Here’s a selection of what we’ve produced in the past 12 months, and for more have a look at our Design Projects section…

The Bagel Factory, Ireland

O’Briens Sandwich Cafe, Athlone, Ireland

Acuman Projects Office

o2 Head Office’s, Dublin, Ireland

Solvatio booth for TM Forum

Progress Software booth for TM Forum

Beauty Studio, Drogheda, Ireland

LA Creative, Dublin


We have been on-site in the Convention Centre in Dublin, working on the build of booths for both Siemens and Accanto Systems. After a few hectic days the exhibition is due to open tomorrow at lunch time, and we are ready for everything to be spic and span in time! Finished photo’s to follow soon, but in the meantime a few work-in-progress…



A brief description of the project from creators Apostrophy’s;

In Bangkok Architect fair 2011, another Apostrophy’s favorable circumstances from our companion, Diamond Building Products Public Company, their product lines are ceramic, laminate, construction hardware and construction service in Thailand. Apostrophy’s role play for this project is “artist” for concept “Diamond Art – Diamond Lounge” 2011. Imagine you walking into an aesthetic place, where you can leisurely sit and sip some beverages ,surrounded by art pieces in gallery made from durably construction hardware products. Furthermore, these inspire the visitors to create their own master pieces, home.

We categorized Diamond Tile 2011 area for 3 main functions:

  • Create an 360º invitatory and friendly welcome approach for the visitors.
  • Bring out the atmosphere & space of “Sharing Lounge”. First, is between entrepreneur and clients, and then from clients to clients which leads to an interesting conversation or negotiation.
  • Valued added, inspire and display the construction hardware product like the art exhibition.